At Subrosa, we specialize in Background Checks and Internal Investigations in the United States and globally. In today’s competitive marketplace, it is imperative that our clients have a clear picture of anyone with whom they plan to hire and do business. When considering a new hire or new business relationship in a shifting economic environment, our clients understand the vital need for business risk evaluation and mitigation strategies.

Background Checks are an efficient and cost effective form of protection for our clients, when compared to the potential loss and damage resulting from lack of information. Our discerning client-base understands that the cost of risk goes beyond the financials, and it can be impossible to enumerate the effects of a damaged reputation. Because Subrosa specializes in thorough, quality Background Checks, our clients are armed with the information critical to effective decision making.

We understand the value of having a complete understanding of the reputation and integrity of an employee, business partner or potential investment prior to any transaction or agreement. Our Background Checks and Internal Investigations services are a key part of mitigating risk, and help insure our clients against costly legal actions, financial losses and damage to their reputation in the future.

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